ZLDKM - Two people making art.


Two people making art. They met at a conference of the international hacker scene and stayed in contact ever since. They made art. At events, in museums, in universities, in companies, exhibition halls, empty houses, in public spaces and on the Internet. For almost 20 years. They worked together or alone, in and with different groups but never just in pairs. They are similar and quite different. Their parents gave them the same name, but one uses a different one. Both have high school diplomas. One on the first, the other on the second way of education. One has vocational training, one does not. Both have studied computer science. One is a PhD in Engineering, the other an MBA. Both of them have scientific publications. One studied art, the other developed a media facade. Both were born in divided Germany. One is far away in the West, the other far away in the East. Both are company founders. One programs, the other orchestrates. They are both artists.

Two people making art. (Translated into German: Zwei Leute, die Kunst machen. ZLDKM) was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an intervention and a test if it is possible to make art with the given restrictions, to be creative, to develop new ideas and innovations. The focus is on art as an unconditional result. Less the who and the how. Art as a motor of change, art as inspiration, art as a mirror. Art as a bridging aid, which is not a hidden loan that we will have to pay dearly in the future, but art as a real investment for a future in which we want to live.

If you want to fill our generator with content, write to: karen.smart@zldkm.art but don’t expect an answer ;-).